Saturday, 20 August 2016

Light summer eating, and getting lost!

Hello friends! Are you enjoying your late summer days?

Thought I'd share a few of the 'lazy' but delicious meals we've had lately...
Summer is the time to throw together fresh and easy, uncomplicated dinners and I love that!
On one day last week we enjoyed a tasty salmon salad, (I am not eating meat but I do eat fish).
When I put a good-sized blob of lemon mayo on my plate hubby said 'Well , there's your calories..'
but I didnt' care. Now every time I open the mayonnaise, we say ' There's your calories, of course '...
what a funny old, middle-aged married couple thing.

      Above,  a sort of Tuna Nicoise, without the hard boiled eggs and black olives, more's the pity.
But still yummy.
Canned tuna is SO useful.

I make french-bread pizzas sometimes. I spread some non-dairy marg. on the bare halves of bread and bake for ten minutes first to make them a bit more 'waterproof', then add on tomato passata (a little), veggies (lightly pre - sautee'd) plus cheese and re-bake. More calories...dastardly little critters!
I never used to think about the bloomin' things!

 I have been to Dad's again, for my usual visit; he has a nasty cough which is midway between asthma and bronchitis. He gets wheezy every year from midsummer onwards from pollens and harvest dust, and takes a Symbicort inhaler as a preventative.
 I suggested the doctor look him over, but Dad dug his toes in, naughty man! However when I phoned the next day he had made an appointment. That's the way it goes, you have to wait for suggestions to 'trickle down' ...v.e.r.y 
slowly...I've learnt.

Towards the end of my journey back, I truly got lost. Decided to cut off a corner between two trunk roads at right angles to one another, and found myself seeing rather a lot of rural Suffolk.
The thing is, I didn't really mind, as it was so lovely.
Then I started getting low on petrol (gas)..yes, I had a map but it was a maze of tiny lanes, not one of them marked at all. Eventually I found the road home, to my great relief, and filled up the tank in my home town. I'd added an hour to my travelling time!

During the 'lost' bit, I couldn't resist snapping the gorgeous golden fields...

...and dappled, shady lanes.
It really was beautiful.

At one point I passed a small hutch with farm eggs for sale and an honesty box.
The sign said 'Hen's eggs, brown or blue.'  Well, I had to see those!
 And buy some. I dropped my 70 pence in the slot, took them back to the car and gazed at them.
They were greeny-blue and olive-y shades, all different. So lovely.


  Time is passing too quickly and Lady August is gently reclining on her chaise-longue and taking her afternoon rest.
Before September comes a-knocking, hubby and I are off to visit Guildford and Brighton and see our offspring again, then we have a weekend in the middle of England (Leicestershire ) with old college friends.
I'll be back before long! As we are leaving at crack of dawn tomorrow and won't, thereafter, be able to 'internet' much, I won't be able to publish any of your comments for about a week, but if you don't mind waiting, I will always love to read them when I return.

Looking forward to having fun and eating with friends and family, ignoring those sneaky, pesky calorie~critters...
I hereby give you permission to do the same ; )


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Postcard from the weekend

 " Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.."               

Albert Einstein                                                                                                                                                                      

Friday, 5 August 2016

Very yummy recipe!

The cloth is from a company called Herdy...makes me smile!

I recently made these No Bake Granola bars ~  a great recipe from Kitty at Kitty's Kosy Kitchen.
They're full of peanutty, crunchy, salty~sweet yumminess!
Thank you so much for sharing Kitty! You are a Domestic Goddess!

Technically they were for my husband's packed lunches, but somehow I ended up munching them rather a lot (just for 'quality control' test purposes, you understand).
I didn't have any choc chips to add, so substituted whole roasted hazelnuts instead which worked really well as they added to the nutty flavour and delivered a mega~crunch to each bite.

My Dad loved these too. We've all been eating them almost straight out of the freezer...just need a few minutes or two to soften a bit. We have to keep our strength up, y'know.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and we will be meeting our two offspring at their grandma's (my husband's mum) for one day and night. Oh, it will be too short! ~ But I know we'll have fun, we always do.

I might wear this new~to~me, knee length skirt I bought in a thrift shop the other day.
 It's good quality, heavy cotton, and very summery...I need a rose in my hair to match. On second thoughts, no; my hair is looking a bit out of condition and over long...don't want to make it a feature
Must book haircut.

I'm making this a quick post ~ lots to do, but do have a rosy week end and plenty of little treats!

'Til next time ~


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Torrential rain...

...Leaves both the sky and the garden looking rather beautiful last thing in the evening.
Think Sistine Chapel or a Botticelli painting.

There's barely enough light for the camera to focus but the jewel colours of simple bedding plants take on a vibrant glow which will be gone in a few minutes as the night comes in

Most evenings I like to wander about a bit outside in my garden, just looking up and pondering the day.
I try to capture what summer feels like, really pack away the experience into a compressed little memory 'treat' that I can re~live when its icy and barren outside. Much as I try, with limited visual and audio 'note~taking', that never fully works...come the winter and it will fade.
In the depths of cold it's hard to conjure up just how on a summer evening the heat from the ground smacks you under the chin, how the late night sky has that not-light glimmer. Even the smells are different.
As Laurie Lee said (Cider with Rosie) ~ winter is not summer''s opposite, but just "another place".

This last few days we have had the Spanish plume heatwave again. Hot~hot~hot!
I've been staying indoors in the middle of the day. Our house has very thick walls and hard floors, the kitchen stays cool like an old fashioned dairy before fridges were invented.

                                                                      from Pinterest...
... Not my kitchen, but the dim interior of the  dairy at
Lanhydrock House, a 50 room lavish Victorian house and estate in Cornwall. We visited many a time when the children were little.
You can see how cool water runs in a channel around the marble slab counter. Around the edge of the room there are large basins recessed into the marble for making huge bowls of clotted cream.
Their banquets were quite something, I imagine! Ice was purchased, then stored in an ice~house in the grounds, and kept very well all summer. Ingenious!

Still I'm thankful I DO have a fridge and freezer!

Friends, I've not been blogging much lately, sorry for that. And now, just as I'm beginning to get into it again, I find myself with out my tablet or phone. Would you believe, within a couple of days I manage to accidentally drop my phone down the toilet and  then stand on the corner of my tablet screen, cracking it : (

 I'm writing this on my very old (Victorian, steam~powered) laptop which has none of my recent photos on it.
So I may have to have a little blog break while this gets sorted, but don't worry I'm quite alright!

I'll be off for just a short while now and hope that you'll call back soon! Have beautiful summer days! God bless!
                                         Isn't this gorgeous and sweet?
                                      Art by Sulamith Wulfing

Friday, 8 July 2016


Just a quickie to say yes, I am getting better! Thank you for prayers, so much  : )

It took awhile! Still the sinuses are playing up and I have the sort of cough that would make people move away on public transport!

I went for a gentle totter / stroll down the lane and noticed how the season has suddenly moved along while I was out of action. Barley has almost turned into Fields of Gold. You know that song? ( Eva Cassidy sang it but also Sting, and I prefer his).

I am away in an hour's time to my Dad's...see you soon!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Thank you!

'Flowers in the Meadow' by Carl Larsson

... for the kind 'get well' messages, ladies! They brought me cheer.
I'm getting there, slowly ~
I look forward to catching up with you soon.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I have retired to the bedchamber!...

    Jane Bennett, when she succumbs to a feverish cold at Netherfield (what a shame  ; ))
  This, too, is a nasty old bug... thorny prickles in the chest and a symphony of aches and pains playing through the body...Muscles ache that I didn't even know I had!
Unfortunately I don't have the vivacious Lizzie to keep me entertained, nor are Mr.Darcy and Mr. Bingley downstairs, anxiously awaiting any word of my improvement!!

Now is so not the time to be sick, because outside it looks like THIS.

There are doves cooing, bees buzzing and swifts...well, flying swiftly, or whatever they do.
In other words,

OK, that's quite enough moaning!  ~  The worst of it was the week end and yesterday.
Today things are a bit better and I have ventured downstairs to get toast and tea.

Here are my other supplies which dear Husband got me, at my request, on his way home from work... Not really ready for any of those yet, all in good time.
 I am not going to be eating a whole cake, by the way ~ far from it! I'll save that to share with him at the week end.

Lucozade is my best buddy at the moment.

It feels a strange time; the country is going through major turbulence.
I've had a more than few hours to mull it all over.

 Been gifted this time-out-of-time to take stock and think (albeit somewhat feverishly).. there are no certainties in the bigger picture at the moment. It's going to be hard for the next generation.
 I just have great appreciation to have a home and comforts and freedom to make modest little plans for the summer etc  These are great luxuries.

And isn't the human body amazing that, with rest, it will (hopefully!) organise itself to fend off the virus in a myriad microscopic ways, all unknown to me!

Soon be blooming again! Normal service will be resumed shortly ; )